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Meet Kebbi - Your Versatile AI Companion


Get A Perfect Interactive Experience Like No Other

  • AI Voice System & Object Recognition

  • Customizable Dialogues & Accessories

  • Voice Activation & Sound Orientation

  • Vibrant Body Language with Emotion

  • Movement, Touch and Facial Recognition

  • 7-Inch Multi-touch Display Panel

NUWA_PR Image8.jpg
NUWA_PR Image.jpg

A Fun Companion Just For You

  • No matter what your question is, Kebbi Air S can answer it!

  • Kebbi Air S has an easy-to-use development environment that is extension and integration-friendly, as well as sufficient IoT support for instant integration and application.

190610_NB1_Rasiing Hand_with Ear_Ted.png

6 Key Features

  1. STEAM Education

  2. Voice Remote Control

  3. Customer Reception

  4. Language Learning

  5. Quick Temperature Measurement

  6. Healthcare and Long-term Care

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