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Give Your Children A Fresh Start in 2024 With Kebbi!

For primary school students, we offer a progressive structured learning journey, starting from the basics of coding, all way to the application of AI, Machine Learning, and AIoT (Artificial Internet of Things).

All our classes are at most 1:8 teacher to student ratio in enrichment centers.

Students learn through interactive fun experience with Kebbi, as well as other technologies, including Google Teachable Machine and micro:bit, to learn about training AI models, and building customized AIoT projects.

For students of age 7-9

Progressive course structure 

Aims to introduce the basics of block-based visual programming to control a cute social robot called Kebbi in an engaging and interactive way. Students will build a solid foundation in computational thinking and problem-solving through engaging and creative projects, setting the stage for more advanced programming concepts in later stages.

App Development

For students of age 9 -12

Progressive course structure 

  • Aims to introduce the basics of mobile app development in an engaging and accessible manner.

  • Understanding Basic Programming Concepts: variables, loops, conditionals, and event-driven programming.

  • Familiarization with App Inventor Environment for building mobile apps.

  • Designing Simple User Interfaces.

  • Handling User Inputs and working with multimedia.

  • Project-Based Learning: Engaging in hands-on projects that result in tangible outcomes, like a fully functional app.

  • Encouraging collaboration among peers to develop teamwork skills and learn from each other.

AI Machine Learning with Kebbi x Google Program

For students of age 9-12

Progressive course structure 

  • Foster students' curiosity in AI and Machine Learning.

  • Explore the fascinating world of AI and Machine Learning concepts, and develop the ability to construct and train Machine Learning models with Kebbi, enabling recognition of objects, voices, postures, and more.

  • Engage in exciting missions by leveraging the Code Lab App and Google AI alongside the Kebbi robot.

  • Cultivate essential competencies such as communication, innovation, teamwork, independent thinking, and reflective thinking throughout the learning journey.

Kebbi AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things)

For students of age 9 -12

Progressive course structure 

  • Discover the powerful fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in AIoT, enabling highly efficient IoT operations.

  • Engage in comprehensive learning, delving into the realms of AI and IoT, culminating in the creation of a personalized smart home solution using Kebbi, micro:bit, and other hardware, all through coding.

  • Gain profound insights into the significance of device communication, and master the art of seamless interaction between various devices, including Kebbi and micro:bit.

  • Cultivate essential competencies such as communication, innovation, teamwork, independence, and reflective thinking, empowering students to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected world.

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