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your child's coding potential as early as possible with

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Our Programmes

Give your child a headstart in the digital age.

Computer science is a huge umbrella that covers hardware, software, game design and programming.

Why Choose Us

We effectively incorporate technical skillsets with soft-skills such as presentation, communication and teamwork in order for our students to adapt to the fast-changing pace of the current world.ย 

Engaging Interactive Learning

Engaging Interactive Learning

  • Unique Robot: Kebbi makes STEM approachable and fun.

  • Hands-On: Encourages active, tactile learning.

  • Playful Education: Transforms abstract concepts into enjoyable activities.

Structured Development Pathway,Lyza Education,Kids Coding Courses Singapore

Structured Development Pathway

  • Age-Appropriate: Designed for specific learning stages.

  • Skill Progression: Builds complexity gradually and effectively.

  • Continuous Learning: Seamless transitions between levels.

Comprehensive Educational Philosophy,Preschool  Coding Singapore, Primary School Coding Classes Singapore

Comprehensive Educational Philosophy

  • Soft Skills: Focuses on teamwork and creativity alongside coding.

  • Creative Control: Empowers children to become tech creators.

  • Future Preparedness: Equips children for a tech-driven world.

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