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Calling All Parents! Lets have FUN with Kebbi robot, and unleash your child's coding Potential !!

Start AI and programming education for your children as early as preschool and primary school by joining our progressive learning journey!

Why Choose Lyza Education?

Early Start in AI and Programming

  • Programs for ages 5-12, introducing AI and programming basics.

  • USA Computer Science Teacher’s Association-compliant curriculum.

  • Foundation in computer science through fun, age-appropriate activities.

Engaging and Interactive

  • Use of Kebbi, an exclusive teaching robot, for interactive learning.

  • Programming lessons through stories and games for preschoolers.

  • Primary school program (ages 7-9) integrates coding with robotics and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things).

Innovative Learning Approach

  • Interdisciplinary approach, blending STEAM with AI.

  • Contextualized content, making learning relevant to daily life.

  • Encourages curiosity and comprehensive understanding across multiple disciplines.

Get to Know Our Inspiring Programs

We offer regular term programs and holiday programs!

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