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Our Programs


Regular Term Programs

Lyza's regular term classes for children aged 5-12 years old are a gateway to a world where technology meets imagination.


In the Pre-school STEAM & AI Enlightenment Program, kids aged 5-6 engage with Kebbi, a robot uniquely designed for teaching, through educational programming lessons brought to life with interactive games and stories.


For the 7-12 year olds, the Primary School AI Robotics & Coding Program invites them to begin their adventure in computer science, turning code into real-life actions with Kebbi and microcontrollers.


Both programs offer an enriching environment where learning is interactive, fun, and creatively stimulating.

2024 March Holiday Programs

Lyza Education has designed two distinct holiday programs to engage young learners in creative and technological pursuits.


The Preschool Holiday Programme for ages 5-6 combines storytelling with interactive robotics to spark imagination and creativity, encouraging children to bring a dream island to life with the help of a robot named Kebbi. It's a three-hour camp that promises an educational journey filled with fun and innovation, aiming to let children's curiosity bloom.

For older kids, ages 7-12, the Primary School Holiday Programme shifts focus towards foundational STEM skills, introducing them to coding and logic through the same friendly robot, Kebbi. This program also spans three hours and immerses children in the basics of programming.

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