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Lyza Education was founded with the mission to bring the latest robotics solutions into Singapore to transform education and services industry.

Awarded as the exclusive distributor of NUWA robotics in Singapore, our commitment at Lyza is to provide businesses with access to the best of robotic technology to help you increase the profitability of your business.


Partnership opportunities or ideas are welcomed. Please email us at

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Immersive AI +Gamified Learning

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Content covers multiple topics related to early childhood and encourages children to apprehend key skills and be curious to learn on many fronts


USA Computer Science Teacher’s Association-compliant, graded instruction that provides progressive learning objectives based on the needs of students at all ages


Creating interesting story situations immerses children in the education process and deepens their motivation to learn


The only STEAM + AI computational thinking early education enlightenment content combined with themes from daily life so that children enjoy learning

Get to Know Our Inspiring Programs

We offer regular term programs and holiday programs!

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