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Innovating the Future: AI and Robotics in Our 2023 Holiday Programs


At the end of 2023, our holiday programs for preschool and primary school children took a leap into the future of education. Centered around AI and Robotics, these programs were a vibrant exploration of STEM education, specifically tailored to kindle the curiosity and creativity of young minds in Singapore. Let's delve into the exciting activities that made our 2023 holiday programs a remarkable journey into the world of technology.

Preschool Holiday Program Highlights

  1. Interactive Learning with Kebbi

  2. Creativity Unleashed - Draw Your Own Robots

  3. Scan-to-Code with Kebbi

  4. Dance and Movement

Primary School Holiday Program Highlights

  1. Conversational Skills: Talk to Kebbi

  2. Exploring AI and Machine Learning

  3. Block Coding and Practical Application

  4. Physical Wellness and Technology


Our 2023 holiday programs for preschool and primary school students were more than just an introduction to AI and Robotics. They were a journey into the heart of STEM education, tailored to nurture the inquisitive minds of young learners in Singapore.

These programs provided a glimpse into the future of learning, where technology and education merge to create a world of endless possibilities.

As we look ahead, we invite more children to enroll in our term programs. These programs offer even more challenges and opportunities for young minds to explore the fascinating world of STEM. By fostering a love for learning and innovation at an early age, we are preparing our children for a future where they can not only participate in but also lead the advancements in technology and science.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and innovation. Enroll your child in our term programs and be a part of shaping the future of education and technology.

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