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Lyza Education: Transforming the Way Kids Learn Coding and STEAM with Kebbi the Robot

At Lyza Education, we're reimagining how children engage with coding and STEAM subjects. We've introduced a unique and friendly social robot named Kebbi into our classrooms to make learning a dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to the idea that coding is dry and monotonous—our innovative approach will leave your kids excited for their next lesson!

From the very beginning, our teaching methods capture children's imagination. In our preschool classes, Kebbi isn't just a learning tool; he's a classroom companion, bringing hands-on STEAM activities to life. Through interactive play and engaging projects, your child will learn foundational concepts while having fun. Because we believe that education should always be a delightful experience.

As kids grow older, from ages 7 to 12, we take their learning to the next level with our custom coding platform, CodeLab. Here, they can program Kebbi to perform cool tricks like dancing and moving around. While many coding platforms offer a similar experience, Lyza Education goes further to ensure that kids get a well-rounded education. In today's fast-paced technological world, it's vital for children to have diverse skills to stay adaptable, but the core coding principles remain consistent. We cover everything in a way that keeps them engaged and encourages exploration.

Our curriculum is designed to grow with your child. Younger primary students start with Scratch, a visual programming language from MIT that's easy to understand. As they progress, they move on to MIT App Inventor and eventually Python—a globally recognized programming language used by professionals. This step-by-step approach keeps the journey fresh and exciting, with new challenges at every stage.

We know that STEAM subjects and coding can seem daunting, often associated with dry university lectures and complex theories. But at Lyza Education, we’re changing that perception. Our unique Kebbi-powered projects transform coding lessons into thrilling interactive adventures. It's like learning through a series of fun, educational games. Your child will be gaining valuable skills, but they'll be having so much fun, they won't even realise they're learning.

When you choose Lyza Education, you're giving your child a learning experience that's anything but typical. They'll not only master coding skills that will benefit them for years to come, but they'll also have a blast along the way. Join us, and let's make learning fun again!

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